ShackShag — batch image uploader for


ShackShag is a small script allowing you to upload many images to hosting service. It was written in Python and should run on any platform that supports Python interpreter. It was tested under Debian GNU/Linux.

The script was written by Wiktor Bachnik after he couldn't find similar software suiting his needs.

Legal information

ShackShag is released under the GPL license. The author assumes no responsibility for the possible problems caused by using this software. You may use it as you wish, remember that you're using it at your own risk.

Please read ImageShack terms of service before using ShackShag.

ImageShack® is a registered trademark of ImageShack® Corporation.


ShackShag runs in the command line environment. You simply call the script, maybe with some options and a image file list. For example, the following call will upload all .jpg images in the current directory and output direct links to the console: *.jpg

A more refined example, uploading all .jpg and .gif images from the current directory and saving direct links, thumbnail links and forum hot links to files: -t thumbs.txt -f forum.txt -d direct.txt *.jpg *.gif

Please note that if you also need to have direct links output to the stdout, you can use the -s switch: -s -t thumbs.txt image1.jpg image2.jpg image3.jpg

The -s switch is assumed when you don't provide any output files.

Option reference displayed by ShackShag:

Usage: ./ [OPTIONS] <image files>
  -h print this message
  -s use standard output (default when no output files are specified)
  -r remove size/resolution bar from thumbnails
  -d <direct links file> 
  -t <thumbnails file>
  -f <forum links file>


You can download the latest version of ShackShag at Google Project Page.


After downloading the latest package, unpack it and make the file executable. Example scenario, where shackshag-XXX.tar.gz is the latest released package:

$ wget
$ tar xzf shackshag-XXX.tar.gz
$ chmod +x

You may also wish to add to your path.


Release history

You can follow the release history on projects blog. Here's the RSS feed.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, problems or suggestions concerning ShackShag. I may be reached via e-mail: wiktor at bachnik dot com